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I had latin with the Ecce Romani books ages ago and I was wondering if one of you with the book handy could do me a favor.
There is a painting in the hardback version of the book with a guy sleeping in the woods and there are all these animals around him. I really like it, but I can't remember the name or the artist.
Can anyone look it up for me?


p.s. davus is hot ;-)
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do you remember if it was the red book (first year), green book (second) or purple (thirdyear)?
I'm pretty sure it was the red book, in the first half of the book but it could be in the green one. I had no idea there was a purple one, that is so awesome.
there is a purple book? fucking way...we finished the green book, and then after that we moved on to something else...translating latin text....i am going to have to ask the latin teacher why he is holding out on us...i love how lame ecce romani is.....what sort of adventures happen in book three?