For my special fellow Latin III Scholars:

Do you guys understand what we're currently going over in class? If any of you need any help whatsoever, please feel free to post a comment or let me know some other way.

For all my fellow Latin Scholars:

If you guys need any help, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK! We'll be setting up a tutoring program soon with the Latin Honor Society people, but some of you may just need a question answered every so often... if such is the case, please leave a comment or post an entry anytime! Please try to spread this website so that it can actually be useful and productive!


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hey. i'm molly hindenburg and i'm a member of a montclair communtity where someone was talking about this community, and i'm a freshman in latin II so i thought i'd join.

that little intro was pretty lame but whatever
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who exactly is a member of this community? chiyo no whatever the hell???

everyone should post on their livejournals telling folks to add this community to their friends list so we can get it started


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julia est pulcherrima. latina est obesa, obesior, obesissima. obesissima! et ellie est obesissima. quam facis? sextus est puer molestus. nunc est tempor mihi sedere sub arbore.

ex anima,
j-phizzle from the block
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